There are countless home selling articles online that seem to contradict each other.

In this Huffington Post article, the month of May is the best time to sell. But in this Washington Post article, any time between December and March is the optimal time. And in this NerdWallet article, the right time to sell is between May and August.

Is there a right answer for Northern KY sellers? And if you are interested in selling your home soon, should you start preparing your home now or wait?

Why Home Sellers Choose to List in the Spring and Summer

The important thing to know if that EVERY season has its benefits for home sellers.

Spring has traditionally been the time that homeowners put their homes on the market, since the weather is ideal for showings and curb appeal. However, online home searching makes it even easier for today's buyers to explore available listings (and high-quality photos) at any time.

Let's say you wanted to sell your home in the spring or summer months. You may be able to sell quickly and for more money because:

  • Home buyers want to move before the new school year starts.
  • Home buyers have fewer properties to choose from than in the springtime.
  • Home buyers can schedule showings during the longer days.

What About the Other Seasons?

There are equally good reasons that home sellers are able to reap the rewards during any other season.

In the spring, there is a chance that potential buyers will start a bidding war.  The buyer pool is very active in the Spring as they are looking ahead to moving in the warmer months, wanting to get settled in before the new school year starts for their children, or just feeling invigorated by the warmer weather and have decided maybe a new home is on the horizon.

In the fall, the cooler autumn weather is ideal for home showings.  Comfortable weather often makes buyers feel like they would still like to keep searching for homes. 

In the winter, especially during the holidays, there are often more motivated buyers eager to settle down before the new year.  Just to note, homes do still sell during the winter months in Northern KY!  

The Truth About Selling in the Summer

a realtor showing a buyer a home

Is timing the secret to selling a home? Yes and a lot of homes are sold during the Summer months, but the optimal time depends on when YOU need to sell. You shouldn't wait any longer than necessary.  The key to selling your home quickly and for more money is choosing the right real estate agent.

Have you considered selling your home this year? We can give you more information about ways to increase your home's value.  Contact us today and let's talk about the next steps.

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