The Annual Harvest Festival is coming to the Dinsmore Homestead in Burlington, KY the last weekend in September (29th - 30th) from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.  The Dinsmore Home is located at 5656 Burlington Pike.  Just keep heading west about 6.5 miles from downtown Burlington, Ky and you'll come upon this wonderful homestead location on your right. 

The Annual Harvest Festival celebrates the Fall harvest of the 19th and early 20th centuries, providing a glipse into the way of life that our ancestors experienced. The Dinsmore Home is full of well preserved history, included home furnishings and an archive of writings by one of the Dinsmore daughters.  While it is no longer a working farm, visitors will be able to see many indications of what farm life was like back then in Burlington, KY.

In 1838, James Dinsmore bought approx 900 acres and built what we now know as the Dinsmore homestead.  However, he sold off about 400 acres right before the Civil War, and the homestead was inherited in 1872 by his daughter, Julia.  Julia was a well educated woman, according to the standards of that time. However, she had a rough life, trying to attend to life on the farm. There is a wonderful biography of this family, along with Julia's writings in regards to her day to day life, at the official website of the Dinsmore  These writings reflect just how difficult life could be in the 19th and early 20th centuries and is a true testament to the character of the people who lived during this time.

Today, the homestead covers approx 80 acres, with walking paths through beautiful woods.  The Dinsmore Homestead Festival gives everyone a chance to celebrate the fall harvest through many activities, including pony rides, scarecrow making and pumpkin painting, along with 20 artists and crafters who share their expertise and products.  There's also musicians strolling the grounds to add to the celebration, along with good food. 

The cost for adults is $5, children are $2 (ages 5 and under for free).  Seniors age 60 and up are just $3. 

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