The deed to your property

The deed is a legal instrument that states to whom the property has been transferred.  Buyer and seller both sign the deed at closing.  The title company then sends the signed deed to the courthouse for recording by the clerk.  This deed does become public knowledge after it is legally recorded. 

At this point, the original deed is then mailed back to the title company and then the title company mails it to the buyer.  This process takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. It is important to note that this is the ORIGINAL deed the buyer will be receiving.  However, there are people who are watching the recording of new deeds at the courthouse, will obtain the names and addresses of new sales, and then mail the new buyer a letter that states for a copy of their deed, the buyer can send in $75 and they will get a copy of the deed for them.  This letter comes right after the recording of the deed and prior to the original deed being mailed back to the buyer.  Buyer's just another scam to make money.  Just throw away all these letters, as you will be receiving the original deed in month or two.  And don't worry if for some reason you eventually loose the original deed.  The courthouse will always have a copy which can be used if and when you sell the home.  

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