I often write about the statistics and analytics in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati real estate markets.   But today I wanted to put that all aside to comment on what really matters most in our neighborhoods ......the people who live in them and the quality of life they breathe and share with others.  That's the very thread that makes our communities strong and meaningful, caring and enjoyable, one person at a time.  Sometimes you'll recognize these type of people as leaders in our local governments or perhaps as teachers that help to make a difference in the lives of our youth.   But every once in awhile, there are those individuals that just naturally expel such an exhuberance that you realize once you are fortunate enough to have met them, you know you will never forget them.

Tim Maloney was one of those people.  If you ever went to the Fun Dome in Florence, then you probably somehow just knew who he was.  It was hard to miss Tim....he always stood out someway.    He and his family and friends ran the day to day operations of this community center that has been a landmark in the Florence area for quite some time.  He became a mentor and friend to many of us who grew up skating there.  How could he not?  It was just a natural part of who he really was.   It was his nature to extend his warmth and friendliness, enjoying a good laugh and at the same time, keeping everything running smoothly at the busy skating rink.

He was a strong leader when he needed to be, but what mattered most was the way he acheived that distinct feat.....not in a condenscending way, but rather in his own special, endearing way.  You could see it in the way he handled the children....you could see it in the way he treated you as a friend.  You could feel it when he greeted you and shared a good laugh.

Thousands of people have walked through the Florence Fun Dome doors, experiencing the rush of skating and pumping music.  Local schools have had special skate nights throught the years and many a child has had their birthday party there just because it was an awesome place to celebrate it.  Young adults gathered there because it was simply a great place to skate and have fun.  It is amazing to think just how many of us entered that establishment throughout the many years Tim was there and how many of us have actually been touched by his welcoming spirit.

So today, I just wanted to put aside all the market statistics and take a moment to pay tribute to a great individual that has made such an impact on so many people in this community.  As I observed the great flow of people who came through the funeral home last evening to pay their last respects to this man, I couldn't help but feel the overwhelming power of love that resonated in that room.  They say that when a person dies, you don't really remember all the things they did or said to you when they were alive, but instead you do remember the "feeling" they left you with.  That "feeling" that Tim left us with was a strong and powerful tail wind that moved each and everyone of us in that room last night.  I am so thankful to have had the chance to be a recipient of that.  My greatest and most difficult challenge in life will be to somehow, in someway, pay that forward. 


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