About Home Warranties

If you have a Home Warranty included with the sale of your new home, they you should have a brochure that was given to you early on for review or at closing by your agent.  If you did not receive one, then be sure to call your agent.

There will always be a contact number located somewhere in the Home Warranty brochure that you will need to call first for any home repairs.  If you do not call this number first, then your repair will NOT be valid and you will not receive ANY compensation from the home warranty company. Therefore, always call the home warranty repair line FIRST before obtaining a contractor to come out and do the repair.

There should also be a list of items in the Home Warranty brochure that show you what is actually covered under your warranty.  However, you will need to know if you have the basic warranty program or the upgraded one.  Your agent should be able to tell you if your warranty is basic or upgraded or you may be able to find out in the brochure if you know the cost of your warranty, as different costs relate to the different warranty programs.

Whether you had the seller pay for your first year Home Warranty, or you decided to purchase it yourself for the first year, the Home Warranty Company will always contact you at the end of the first year to see if you would like to extend the contract for another year.  Usually, the pricing for the second year is higher than the first, as there is always a discount on your first year.  Many buyers will continue to keep this plan in place for as long as they own the home since the cost is only once annually and covers the entire year it is paid in. This way, should one of your major mechanics go out - furnace, water heater, AC - then you will have some help with these repair/replacement costs, depending on what the individual Home Warranty Company covers.

Below are links to several Home Warranty Companies so that you have a chance to explore.  These are by no means the entire list, but will provide you with some knowledge about pricing and coverage. You can also call the contact these companies to obtain more info should you have a specific question about coverage.

HSA Home Waranty

HMS Warranty

First American Home Warranty

American Home Shield

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