How to Streamline My Home Search

You've probably searched many popular real estate home search sites like Zillow and, but did you know that they actually get those active listings as a syndication feed directly from the local Multiple Listing Service, called the MLS?  That means they have to wait for a live feed from that source in order to display the new listings on their site.  That's called "syndication" and sometimes those feeds are not working right so a new home may or may not be showing on their sites, but it is most definitely appearing on the MLS!

If you are a First Time Home Buyer, wouldn't you want to know right away when a home comes out on market?  Why spend time searching all those other sites when you can be hooked directly up with the mother load of all listing notifications, the MLS? 

Sometimes I get new buyers that feel like they may be missing out on some active listings, so they continue to search diligently on several sites, day after day, making sure they cover every single possible listing.  Then they call me very excited and ask to see "123 Main St." because it was listed as "active" on another site and looks like it could be their absolute dream home!  So I naturally look it up on the MLS where actives, pendings and solds are listed in "real time" and guess what I find?  "123 Main St" sold 6 months or a year ago, but it is still listed as "active" on that "other" site"!  Disappointingly, my buyer finds out that the "other" site is not always accurate. Just remember, everything generates from the MLS so why would you look anywhere else, especially when homes are selling fast?

There is one exception to this rule, and that is when you are considering "for sale by owners".  These sellers are not allowed access to list on the MLS, so they can be found on other sites....primarily Zillow under the "for sale by owner" category.  This segment of sellers can be important, especially in a seller's market where inventories are low.  Your agent should be checking around to see if any of these homes match your criteria in addition to the MLS generated listings.  Most For Sale By Owners will work with a Buyer's Agent and so you will have your own representation through that agent.  The Seller does not.

The Miles Home Team Realty website is directly connected to the MLS, so whenever a new one comes out on market, you can get notified right away if you set yourself up for property alerts. No need to search all those other sites.  No need to miss out again on any of the popular properties that go fast.  Just one direct connect does it all!   Now, isn't that amazing?  And such a time saver, along with being so accurate!  

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