HUD Bidding Periods

One of the most frequently asked questions I get regarding HUD homes is to explain what the different bidding periods actually mean that one finds on  So here is an overview to help you navigate through those cycles.

1.)  LOTTERY PERIOD   (7 Days)
This period ONLY appears on homes that are located within "revitalization" areas and are available for purchase through the GNND program (Good Neighbor Next Door).  That means policeman, fire fighters, EMTs and full time teachers pre-kindergarten-grade 12 who meet loan requirements can purchase these homes for 50% off their listing price.  There are many terms that one must meet to qualify for this program, so be sure to visit HUD's website or your trusted Realtor for more information.

Please note that you will only see the Lottery period pop up when the home falls in a revitalized area.  Many of the homes listed do not meet these requirements, so you will never see the Lottery period appear on their bid cycles. 

2.)  EXCLUSIVE PERIOD   (For Insurable -30 Days; Uninsurable -5 Days)
Owner occupants only; no investors.  If the property is FHA insurable, then there is a 30 day bid cycle available. Out of that 30 day cycle, bids from the first 10 days are opened on day #11 as if they were all received at the same time.  If there is no winning bid, then the cycle continues on daily bidding until the end of day #30. 

If the property is not FHA insurable, then this bid cycle is cut down to just 5 days for owner occupants, with all bids opened on day #6 as if they were all received at the same time. 

The Exclusive Period is where a lot of the activity occurs for owner occupants eager to get in on the bidding process.  It is important to note if the property is FHA insurable or not so you know if you can get into the bidding or not.  Options to purchasing uninsurable properties include the 203K loan or cash. 

3.)  EXTENDED PERIOD  (List date + 180 days out)
Open to all bidders. This period runs on a daily bid cycle, with bids opened each following day until awarded.

4.)  DOLLAR PERIOD (10 Days)
This period is devoted to the initiatives that local governments may have to help address specific community housing needs.

Open to all bidders once again on a daily bid basis.

Of course, most homes do not go through all 5 stages.  As noted above, some don't even go through the Lottery period at all, depending on their location.  Most activity centers around the Exclusive and Extended periods.   A time count down for the current bid deadline is always available on, but be aware if the property you are bidding on is insurable or unisurable in all cases.

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