Getting Documents Ready for Your Lender

There are several documents your lender will need to get you started on the lending side.  Below is a general list that you can review and get started collecting upfront, whether in a pdf format or actual copies.  This is a basic list, but please know that your lender may actually need more depending documents on your current loan type and your financial history.  For instance, if you have student debt, then you will need to supply statements on that.  But the main thing here is to get started on these most basic items so that you can be organized and ready to start the process.

  • Last two years of W2 Statements
  • Last two years of 1040 Federal Tax Returns, including all schedules
  • Last two years of 1099's if self employed

  • Copies of your most recent 30 days of pay stubs
  • Copies of your last 60 days worth of asset statements (ie. checking, savings, etc)
  • Copies of your most recent quarterly 401K or IRA statements  (entire statements with all numbered pages)

  • Copy of your Driver's License

  • Child support documentation/spousal support documentation/separation agreement/divorce decree
  • Copy of your current mortgage statement and your home owner's insurance policy if you currently own a home
  • DD 214 if using a VA loan

Be ready to deal with paperwork, as today's lending does require a lot of confirmation on your current and past financial history.  The goal is to not get frustrated, but to keep moving along.  Every buyer must adhere to certain guidelines for each loan type and each loan type will require certain documentation in order to complete the loan process.

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