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RENTING VS HOME OWNERSHIP: According to the October 2010 Core Logic US Housing and Mortgage Trends, renters are now paying an average of 5% more on housing costs than home owners!  A decline in home ownership began in the 1990's when incomes started to become more stagnant.  With the decline in home ownership, there came the surge of renters. Take a look at the figures below to see how home ownership has declined. 



AGE GROUP  1985 2010
25 - 34 51.6%  42%
35- 44 71%  62%


Here's more facts:  In the 1980's the age group of 25-34 year olds were using 51.6% of their incomes to pay for their mortgages.  In 2010 that figure dropped to just 42%!  In the 1980's the age group of 35-44 year olds were using 71% of their incomes to pay for their mortgages.  By 2010 that figure dropped to just 62%!  If you're a renter, what percentage of your income goes to your rent?

With rent moving upward, now would be a great time to get out there and look for a good home ownership deal.  You'll most probably pay less per month to live in your own home than in an average apartment!

Here's a snapshot of today's foreclosures in Northern Kentucky up to $50,000.  To see all the foreclosures in all price ranges, check out  Boone County,  Kenton County and  Campbell County  foreclosures.   And remember, there are great deals in non foreclosures, too!   Take a look at these homes in Burlington, Florence and Union, KY. 

Happy home hunting! 
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  just ask cathy...
Helping to educate buyers & sellers to make sound real estate decisions.
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