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WELCOME BOONE COUNTY BUYERS & SELLERS!  Before I get started on the current market analysis for Boone County, I wanted to ask you if you knew that following group of cities are all part of Boone County?

      Burlington       Erlanger          Hebron               Union          Walton                   
      Crittenden      Florence          Petersburg          Verona

Here's the interesting caveat to that list.  Five of these are actually located in two or more counties! You will need to be on your toes if you are trying to move and keep your children in the same school district or just trying to keep tabs on your taxes.   Here's the list:

Crittenden -    Boone, Kenton, Grant
   Erlanger -    Boone, Kenton
   Florence -    Boone, Kenton
    Verona -     Boone, Gallatin
    Walton -     Boone,  Kenton

Now that you know that fact, let's take a look at some current market analysis for the Boone County area and see if it can help you with your purchase or sale of real estate in the next few weeks. 

FOR SALE:  Currently, there are over 710 single family homes for sale in Boone, ranging from $45,360 to $2,700,000.  (That last one is a gorgeous horse farm which accounts for one of the 6 properties in our "actives" list over 1 million $)  Quite a whooping spread!  There are also 145 homes that are currently pending (under contract), some of which may come back on market for one reason or another, increasing our inventory of "actives".

SOLD:  614 single family homes have sold in Boone County in the last 6 months with a median list price of $174,900 and an average sale price of $168,500. Note here that the median spread is 4%, which you can translate into whatever purchase offer you are planning on making in the next few weeks.   

Sellers should note the median days on market for the last 6 months has been around 82 days, or a little over 2 months.  We are getting into the chillier weather shortly, but since there is a good supply of homes on market and the interest rates are very satisfying,  the good news is that consumers are still out there shopping for the good deals. As noted in my previous blog regarding the subtleties of our local cities, one should also note that some local markets reflect a tighter spread, and some a larger spread, in the amount of the sales price vs the amount of the actual sold price.

Stay on your toes out there and remember that the real deal is made when you PURCHASE
the property, so put all your energy into a solid, respectable purchase offer. 

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  just ask cathy...
Helping to educate buyers & sellers to make sound real estate decisions.
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