Boone County has certainly made local headlines.  Know why?  The population of this great county has seen a population growth of 38.2%, as noted by the Census numbers released in March 2010.  That actually moves Boone County into #4 position (from #8 position last census) in terms of the highest county population in Kentucky.  That translates into 118,100 people in 2010, as compared to 85,991 people  in 2000. 

If you think those numbers are a bit staggering, guess which city within Boone County has seen an explosive 86% increase in population as noted in the 2010 Census?  Can't guess?  Well here's a's convenient to airports and highways and may be why some of that incredible growth has occurred.  It's Union, KY!  To put the growth into perspective, back in 1970 this city had a population of only 233 people.  The 2000 Census revealed a population growth to 2,893.  The most recent Census in 2010 uncovered a whooping growth to 5,379 residents, making the true % in the last 10 years 85.9%! 

So let's take a closer look at Union.  In the last 6 months, 116 homes have sold with an average list price of $260,532 and an average actual sale price of $247,769.  That's a spread of 5% between asking final sale price.....a good % to know if you are looking to buy in the area.  Also to note, there are currently 153 home for sale in Union with 31 additional homes already pending. Union is selling just fine these days.  If you are looking in Boone County, you just might want to take a closer look at Union. KY and see why this might be a great place to call home.    

Happy Home Hunting in 2012!!!
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